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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
I'll gladly own not being impressed by 3 aerial shots of farms that look nothing alike.

No, I "KNOW" this because I have functioning eyes.

"... but I'll SHOW them!!!!!!!" eh?

They let you change your topic, rather than laughing you out of the meeting, didn't they?

Yeah, Graham Hancock is so persecuted....
Oh dear understand that these fields are laid into existing land NO WHERE would they be perfectly identical...

EXCEPT THAT, the 'grid gardens' ARE the same size and shape, AND global in scope.

Do you fall down, like a lot?

First, they demanded I narrow my topic to North America, then they told me I had no primary sources. I found some using the Rectangle Survey data, sparse as it was, I did find one grid garden intact, with ALL of the primary sourced data I'd need. I spent a summer writing my prospectus. The Chair of my board admitted that he didn't even read it, and instead took the advice of the other two members, and rejected the topic of the "Thomas Jefferson's Rectangle Survey System, in South-Central Oklahoma"...out of hand.

Hancock is the aliens did it, guy.

For invoking that garbage, I'd like to metaphorically kick you in the crotch. That's intellectual dishonesty to a disgusting degree.

"MrDribble, when you beat you wife, do you always smile?"

Do you see how disgusting that invocation is?