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I assume they pool their money from jobs and lawsuits and live frugally otherwise. They seem to live in a large collective type situation and run their own print shop. They don't seem to own too much flashy, bling-bling type stuff, like most charlatan religions tend to do.

I'm curious about the recent WBC and 'Anonymous' flap.

Anon said that the threat to shut down WBC's website was a WBC hoax designed to garner media attention.

Then the sites were shut down.

I wonder if Anon or some pseudo-anon did it, or if WBC did it themselves because they are out of money.

I'm guessing that since the WBC website completely disappeared, that it was because WBC shut it down. I also think that because Anon usually releases internal emails and none were released in this case, that this is further proof that this was a WBC hoax.

Sorry for the hijack.