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Since the U.S.A. has just elected the most right-wing Congress ever elected by any country with remotely fair elections, let us do please recall the thread title:

Is the U.S. government the most conservative among "developed" countries?

Originally Posted by bibliophage View Post
Abortion is generally illegal in a few OECD member states, including Chile and Ireland. It's been generally legal in all U.S. states since 1973.

Is Roe vs. Wade the reason U.S. waged the stupid Trillion-dollar War?
Is Roe vs. Wade the reason U.S. fiscal policy is to emasculate public investment so billionaires can afford to feed caviar to their pets?
Is Roe vs. Wade the reason Fire Departments stand by and watch a man's house burn?
Is Roe vs. Wade a sensible basis on which to place one's vote for national office?

Let me give you a clue. The very last thing that the billionaires behind Palin, Beck and the new Congressional majority want is for Ros vs. Wade to actually be overturned !