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Originally Posted by Acid Lamp View Post
I agree that we need to separate the economic and social issues. It could be argued though, in any country with an existing strongly capitalist market that the party in charge is fairly irrelevant providing they are not trying to dismantle the whole system. Things might become more or less friendly to certain types of businesses but the basics will march on regardless.

Social issues though are universally experienced as they address basic human conditions. The right to food, shelter, health care, or control over one's body are issues that affect every human to some degree, and as other countries have shown, can be quite separate from the type of leadership in place.
The problem is that there's an awful lot of overlap between social and economic issues. Businesses don't want money spent on social issues, they want it spent on them. They also prefer that people be miserable and desperate enough to take low paying jobs with terrible working conditions, aka "labor discipline". They also want to be able to pollute as they please, despoil the land as they like and so on; business impacts people all the time in ways that qualify as "social issues".