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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
I would imagine the community points a finger at the board where the rules of the community are posted, then another at the road leading out of Christiania.
Right--at which point someone gets sliced up and buried under a house, and the situation escalates until rival drug gangs are engaged in decade-long warfare between rival drug gangs. It sounds, from that brief overview, as though the problem finally ended with the victory of the Hell's Angels; is that accurate? And I remember reading folks talking about visiting Christiana and seeing pretty rough-looking skinheads glowering at them from the, er, hemp stands, suggesting that Christiana has an informal government-by-criminal-gangs; is that accurate?

There is a legitimate question of whether this needed Christiana in order to happen; I don't have an answer about that. We do need to be careful, however, about thinking that the threat is a single dude with a handgun. As I've been saying all along, the threat is really a bunch of dudes with a structure and a bunch of guns.