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Originally Posted by Untoward_Parable View Post
"minimally impactful" IE stay out of my bedroom, my church, my diversionary activities ect but don't expect society to stay out of your election rigging mountiantop removal mining, manufacturing explosives in a densely populated city ect.
How about "Don't hoard food"? Even if it's food you have because you worked to grow it? Or if you don't have enough food to keep your family from going hungry, but someone insists that others need it more? How about if your stubborn individualism and self-reliance, and that of like-minded others, is getting in the way of establishing Utopia? Collectivism presumes that ultimately everything impacts others.

Libertarianism takes as a premise that legitimate self-interest done right IS "minimally impactful" of others. But too many people seem to think that any private property or free trade invariably devolves into plutocrats enslaving the masses. This is exactly the counterpart of claiming that Anarchy inevitably devolves into Stalinism. LIbertarians don't want to see OmniCorp rule the world any more than Anarchists want to see the Politburo rule it.