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Originally Posted by md2000 View Post
I'm curious whether anyone actually watches TV over the air? I'm guessing since the analog apocalypse the proportion si fairly small.
Yes. I 'cut the cord' a couple years back, mostly out of annoyance at Comcast, and use Netflix/Amazon for general TV watching, SlingTV for ESPN and - on very rare occasion - CNN, and broadcast for NFL games. CBS is mediocre here, but fortunately, we're an NFC city, so most of the time I don't care. FOX and NBC come in great.

That said, broadcast pumps through my TiVo, so I don't care if my TV has a tuner or not. I really just want a dumb display. Today, I use its speakers, but I wouldn't care if it didn't have them. I can attach external speakers just as easily.

The only thing I can ever imagine wanting that I don't have with my current setup is Mariners games, and if they ever decide to be good again, I may have to start looking at ways to get those. Until then, I don't care enough.