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Originally Posted by md2000 View Post
Yes, the only difference between a TV and a monitor is the one has a tuner to get over-the-air. Since analog disappeared, that's less of an issue. Fancier TV's used to have a "cable TV in" to allow you to get the basic channel set (and sometimes, higher channels) direct from the Coax cable - but then along came pay-to-view, cable bundles, etc. and a separate box is needed to do all that work of filtering and decoding cable signals. So again - the main role of a screen nowadays is to be a screen and let some other box be the decoder or whatever to convert cable, streaming internet, discs, etc. to a simple video signal. Add to that if you want DVR, then something else has to do the same job for the recorder... so a built-in tuner on the screen is redundant mostly unnecessary.

I'm curious whether anyone actually watches TV over the air? I'm guessing since the analog apocalypse the proportion si fairly small.
I do, as I mentioned. I use a digital converter box hooked to a 2000 Panasonic CRT television. No cable, no satellite, or other apps. Just an antenna, like when I was a kid in the 60s. My converter box even has a basic PVR so I can record shows to watch later.