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Originally Posted by don't ask View Post
Alternatively, if you buy one lottery ticket with 1 chance in 175,711,536 of winning you have 175,711,535 chances of not winning.

If you buy 10 tickets you have 175,711,526 chances of not winning.

So you have improved your chances of not winning from

99.999999430885402993688473590032% to 99.999994308854029936884735900322%

This represents an improvement of

Semi-important note : not quite true if you buy them randomly - but correct if you make sure to buy distinct number sets. If bought randomly your chance of winning is :
1 - (175,711,535/175,711,536)n
where n = the number of tickets you buy. There's a slight diminishment of returns on the second and subsequent tickets with regards to probability, because of the small chance that two (or more) of your tickets will win.