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A real-life case of a man buying a ton of lottery tickets and making a profit

Stefan Klincewicz, Polish-Irish businessman, headed a team of 28 Dubliners to try to buy all winning combinations for an Irish lottery in 1992. The National Lottery tried to thwart the group once they became aware of their plan (turning off some lottery vending machines etc.) so they weren't able to buy all numbers but amongst their 1.6 million tickets they got the winning numbers. Other people won too so the jackpot had to be split, but the group won in other categories. The syndicates final profit: 310,000 before expenses. (Note: after that, the lottery system changed in Ireland to prevent another group from trying the same thing.)

A word to the wise: all this seems too complicated. The easiest way is to go splurge on a dinner at your local Chinese restaurant. The fortune cookie will reveal the winning lottery numbers.
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