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What makes dialog with right-wingers frustrating is their lack of perspective, or even self-awareness. Starving Artist, for example, was pleased by his own Medicare experience, but still opposes public health funding since it will eventually turn the U.S. into a socialist hell-hole like Canada.

Ditka is of course smarter than an oaf like Starving but finds Hillary's ignorance about guns to be a more important topic than whether Trump is a fraudster.

Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
In your view, is Trump University one of the top 10 most important things that has happened during his Presidency / the campaign?
I ask Dopers: Would the following be a fair summary of Ditka's performance in that thread?
Mr. Ditka has indicated that the fraud allegations against Trump U., while probably valid, are too irrelevant for comment, and certainly less important than any misspeakings by the candidate the fraudster defeated in 2016.
I've asked Mr. Ditka to research Trump U. and report his conclusions. I will retract the above comment if/when he demonstrates sentience.