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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Obviously... I'm just musing about whether it'd be possible to get away with it by claiming "we didn't move any money" and the bank not being able to prove that they did.
My response was to a thread above yours, but a couple of others snuck in before I hit "Enter". I should have quoted...

That said, I can't think of any way to move the money without leaving an audit trail, but then perhaps that's why I'm not a criminal mastermind!

Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
Banks are insured, I hear.
Banks are insured against theft, but not mistakes.
Originally Posted by purplehorseshoe View Post
If the bank ever makes an error on my account (in their favor) can I sue them?
The answer is "maybe". Most bank agreements have an arbitration clause, so while you may not be able to take the bank to court you can file an arbitration claim. I'll leave the rest of the answesr to the lawyers.

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