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As the current possessor of an absolute glut of tomatoes (Yay for wildly producing plants) I feel that I am currently qualified to answer this query.

1. Tomatoes are absolutely at their best warm off the plant.
2. Kept at room temperature they maintain their lovely sweet tastiness
3. When stored in the fridge and consumed cold they are almost tasteless and watery. Tastes like the worst of the winter tomatoes shipped in thousands of miles.
4. When stored in the fridge and allowed to warm to room temperature before consuming they are still not as good as 1 or 2, but they are close. And this is a much better option than trying to keep too many tomatoes on the counter and ending up tossing them as they rot. (this is not a situation I ever expected to find myself in but...holy cow, I swear they are mutant plants)

Sorry the only science I have is personal experimentation to back this up but since I've been a vocal "OMG how could you put that in the fridge" proponent my entire life I felt the need to bring some balance to the universe.