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Originally Posted by coremelt View Post

Because the actual survivors of abuse think its not good enough and their opinion is good enough for me.

Sure, Pell *might* be able to give adequate testimony via a video conference, but he'll be on his own territory surrounded by all of those who have sought to protect him from full impact of the Royal Commission enquiries. Many here in Australia (as has been mentioned before) believe that he has MUCH to answer for regarding his actions and inactions when bishop of the Ballarat Diocese, and later as Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Australia.

Now whether those beliefs have any basis is not for me to decide. I'm not a Catholic, nor do I personally know anyone who has been a victim of abuse by the Catholic clergy. What I DO know is that many are hurting and have been hurting for years, and that for Cardinal Pell to actually front the Royal Commission, in person, would be cathartic for them. While he hides behind the cloisters in Rome, he can be personified as an evil fucker.....if he shows his face, it might well be an opportunity for victims to see him as just another human being.

The longer he draws this shit out, the easier it is for the average Joe to believe he DOES have something to answer for.

His PR team need to be sacked. And fuck him too....c'mon home George: we'll have a welcoming committee at the airport when you land.