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Originally Posted by fedman View Post
but you're ignoring the left-wing censorship of other (read non-pc) viewpoints via protests on campuses and inside academia
Protests are themselves a form of free speech. They cannot be a form of censorship.

That said, you can have examples where people go beyond protesting. Where they do more than just stand and shout. Where they threaten physical harm, or, worse, actually commit it. Where they artificially entrap people.

The problem is, the protests that conservatives talk about tend to just be protests. If the conservative speaker decides not to have a debate, then it is labeled "censorship." Or they will say that they shouldn't be allowed to speak, which is then called "censorship," when it is really just stating their opinion.

The cries of censorship by the right are to the point where many on the left just ignore it, as we assume it wasn't really censorship. It was someone using their speech to disagree.