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Originally Posted by MichaelXD View Post
And it's my birthday today in the US. The sunrise was the exact same as my commerative sunrise for that day in that year. And today is an exact match of July 7, 1859, precisely 154 years ago and that day was on Thursday.
Could you explain this, please? I also was born July 7th as it happens. According to your OP, you posted at 12:44pm, today, July 6th in the Eastern Time Zone of the U.S. (I believe the settings I have for the Dope automatically translate each post to my local time). I guess somewhere to the east of me (Europe? Asia?) it is July 7th, but not in the U.S.

What do you mean by "commerative" sunrise?(I assume you mean commemorative, but you may just be using a different term I am not familiar with)

And on what basis is today an "exact match" of any other day in history (particularly confusing since today is a Saturday and you state that exact match day was a Thursday). What matches?

Please note, I am not trying to be argumentative or snarky, I am genuinely curious as to the basis of your statements.