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There's at least three different types of years that I know of, they're very close but still not the same and none of them line up precisely with days. Thus, it doesn't make sense to try to legally define a period of 21 years by calculating the number of days it supposedly is. And if we were to do that, why stop the precision at just days and not go even farther. Someone born in the early hours of the day is theoretically 21 sooner than someone who was born late in the evening. What if a pair of twins are born straddling midnight, so one is born just a few minutes before and the other a few minutes after. It seems odd that two twins would have different birthdays and one might be legally allowed to drink before the other.

Besides, do you really want people selling alcohol, cigarettes or other age restricted products or services trying to take into account the complex relationships between the various revolutions and orbits and human-devised calendars just so someone may have a drink or a smoke a little sooner or later? Legally, it just makes sense to simplify it and getting it right generally to within a day or so seems pretty reasonable.

And, really, for me, I guess I was doubly screwed because my 21st birthday was on a Sunday and sale of alcohol was illegal on Sundays there, so I had to wait essentially two days to have my first legal drink. Oh the horror!