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My excitement for TPM was through the roof, I still believe TPM has one of the best trailers ever for a movie.

I went with friends, and I left with kind of a frozen smile/grimace on my face, probably due to shock, as I was still unpacking my bewilderment with what I just saw.

Needless to say, my opinion of it has soured since then. They never should have showed Darth Vader as a young child. NEVER.

My preferred viewing order now is to skip TPM altogether and start at Episode II. You need almost nothing from TPM to understand what's going on, and it fits the Ben's description to Luke about his father in ANH much better. No WAY was the original intent that he was a little kid when they first met - they were contemporaries.

TPM would be much different if I were in charge. Anakin would have been at least Luke's age, with Obi-Wan taking on more of the Qui-Gon role

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