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Originally Posted by Naxos View Post

This is like the NW Mexican peninsula declaring independence and calling themselves the Nation of California.

The US would never stand for it, nor should it. The only reason the Former Yugoslavian Republic of M? got their name is because of the incompetence of Greek politicians to stand up for their historical heritage.

Makedonia is Greek. Read some historical books if you disagree.
If the Mexican state of California became independent and named itself the Republic of California, I'd be willing to bet this would be the least of the US's concerns. The break-up of Mexico, and whatever caused it might be a concern. But absent any indication that the RoC was looking to expand into the US State of California, I doubt that we would have any objection.

No one in the continents of the Americas get upset over the name the United States of America, you know. Over 200 years, and have yet to hear any serious objection to the USA claiming the whole of two continents. The actual policy of hemispheric dominance, sure. The name, not so much.

In other words, get over yourselves. You would think the Greeks would know that obsessin over what happened 1200 years ago is a losing game. You were relatively unscathed by the latest blow-up over the ethnic rivalries in the Balkans.

It is not your politicians who were incompetent (at least no more than usual). It was your position that was deemed unworthy of sympathy and childish. The Greeks are losing this by attrition. But the more they fight, the faster they lose.