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Finally got a chance to watch this. It was my binge show over the long weekend

Pretty good, and I stuck it out til the end. But did anyone find the dialogue to be a little bit Freshman Creative Writing? Most of the stuff they had Elliot saying in his inner dialogue, especially, would be stuff I would use to parody the thoughts of a 19 year old who is trying to hard.

That aspect of it did melt away for me after 3 or 4 episodes, once the action really started going. And they did manage to write a compelling story despite some of the garbage dialogue. But had I not made a point of being glued to the couch all day Monday, I may not have finished the series.

I like Carly Chalkin (Darlene). She is playing the exact opposite of her previous role from Suburgatory where she was like a wax model Stepford daughter. She nailed that role. I don't think her role in this show is as stand-out as Suburgatory but it's pretty cool to see her range!