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Originally Posted by Kyla View Post
In the Balkans, families maintain their nationality FOREVER, regardless of their place of birth.

Nationality in the Balkans just doesn't work the way it does in the US.

Quite true in general, especially as to the second, but sometimes it can get weirdly fluid. My father's side of the family ( through both his parent's lines ) are all of Croatian Serb descent ( i.e. Serbs from Croatia ). But in that case as little a thing as switching your confession ( say by marrying into a family and converting ) could result in switching ethnicities. There otherwise is not an awful lot to distinguish one from the other, despite fiercely held pride in that tenuously defined ethnic grouping. Serbs and Croats are notoriously hyper-nationalist these days, but in that region it could be surprisingly easy to change tribes.

And of course to pre-rise-of-ethnic-nationalism to everyone outside Croatia ( including the Hapsburg government ) everybody from Croatia was a "Croat" - they simply used the term as a geographic identifier.

The Balkans are an ever-confusing welter of weird ethnic issues.