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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
All good; at the local itty-bitty GC they had a limited Custom Shop Esquire with a great neck for ~$4,000 - so yeah, the small store get the occasional fun stuff.

What kinda guitar are you contemplating? You have a great Tele and I want to say you have an Epi Dot Neck 335 and maybe even a shredder?
I have those two; a Schecter that doesn't inspire me but does have a shreddy neck; a 71 SG that's beat to crap that has... issues; a GFS LP Special P90 that I like a lot; an 80's Matsumoku super strat with a too chunky neck; my son's old Squier which I should unload. So actually six, three that I play, three that I need to unload.

I'm a little unclear what I want next. For the longest time my bucket-list guitar was a Les Paul. Recently I played a few and didn't feel like it was a great fit, I'm not sure why; perhaps I haven't met the right one, although since $3k is almost a starter Les Paul, maybe I never will.

I'm leaning toward getting a higher-end Strat if it feels right. Single coils. An American Deluxe like my Tele, or artist strat or one of the custom shop models Fender sprinkles across guitar stores sometimes (no relics need apply). The Am Standards I've picked up don't really grab me, but maybe I haven't met the right one of those, either.

I'd also love my exact Tele but with Duncan PAF humbuckers. But that's not an urgent wish. I just love the PAF bridge tone (Pearly Gates) in my Dot but the C neck is a bit much for me.

Resellability is also a consideration. Nothing too out there. Get a guitar that someone will want to buy from me one day. My Tele is that sort. Most of the rest are not.