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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
Have you played an ES-339? A smaller-bodied 335 type?
I have not, will do.

When you say that an LP hasn't moved you- is it because of the ergonomics? Are you saying you may prefer the feel of a Fender type? Or just that you haven't played an LP that spoke to you?
A little of both. Ergonomically, I haven't felt a LP neck to my liking; I know there are several styles available, but Gibson makes it as obscure as they possibly can which guitar has what neck. I like my AD Tele neck a lot, not perfect, but quite nice. What LP would be like that? I also didn't find one that spoke to me, but you need time to build that relationship, and I've just noodled unplugged in stores for the most part. So far.

Have you seen a Fender Strat Select? Stratty goodness with an LP-style flamed top - really good looking.
I've seen the Tele version up close and didn't care for it, too much of a departure. I've only seen the Strat one online, and it is pretty. But my minds eye has a 2 tone sunburst like this. Hell, even a solid color would be fine, I've hefted a couple of Custom Shop painted strats that were soooo fine.

I would also check out a La Cabronita, a Custom Shop Tele with Gretsch humbuckers. They bring some LP balls and the first run sold fast and is doing wel in resale. I would also check out higher-grade Gretsch Jets, like the Cadillac Green one - love 'em.
Will do, thank you for the recommendations.