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Quasi: as far as the G-DEC, I think you can dump/load all those settings via MIDI to another device, like a laptop, and reload it all whenever. And you can save whatever custom sound you make as a preset on the G-DEC itself and call that back up any time, though I think minus the drums and etc. I also understand you can load drum patterns and bass lines via MIDI as well, but I admit I'm a little vague on this.

As far as what I like? I do all the drums and bass and some effects on a computer with Ableton + plug-ins, and I either mic my amp + pedals + add sweetening in Ableton to that, or I'll play direct into the computer into some amp modeling (Guitar Rig 4 mostly) inside Ableton. Great fun.

I have my son's old G-DEC, but I don't really have a use for it or much patience with it's menu system. It does have some damned fun sounds in it, although all the factory presets have way, way too much going on to be very useful. Once you dial those back it's not half bad at all, but it depends what you're going for.