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Anyone know much about how DISH equipment works?

First off, I'm not asking for repair advice. The repair has already been made, but the tech said some things that don't make much sense to me.

The dish antenna is attached to the roof and coax cables descend down the wall to what appears to be a splitter. Cables then come out of the splitter and go to the various TVs throughout the house. The problem: our entire system stopped working. The tech says that our dogs chewed through the cables and, in so doing, ruined the LNB and the Hopper3, which is brains of the whole system. The tech replaced those two pieces of equipment, replaced the damaged coax cables, and rerouted the new cables out of reach of the dogs. I am not actually at home -- I work more than 500 miles from my house. I haven't actually seen the damage or the repair. Nevertheless, repairs were made and everything is back in order.

Here is what I don't understand. The dogs chewed through cables (presumably). Damaging the cables would interfere with the signal between the LNB and the DVR. But, how could chewing the cable damage those components? Sure, it would make them not work properly, but I don't see how they could actually require replacing the DVR and the LNB. Furthermore, the tech remarked to my son "You're lucky to still have dogs." He said that those cables carry a lot of electricity. I've never heard of a coax cable carrying enough power to hurt anyone. My dogs are chihuahuas and dachshunds. They're not the biggest dogs, but they're substantial, healthy dogs. How could a coax hurt the dog (with electricity)?

When we first encountered the problem, I called tech support. They worked their magic and determined that the Hopper3 DVR was working correctly and that it was communicating properly with the LNB. The guy on the phone said that something must have moved the dish -- wind, a bird crashing into it, etc. Or, the dish wasn't properly tightened when installed. He was certain that all the equipment was functioning properly and that the dish was simply not seeing the satellites. This does not jibe at all with the tech saying that dogs chewed through the cables. In fact, during this outage, the DVR continued to allow us to play recorded programs (including on my AppleTV using the DishAnywhere app 500 miles away). The DVR also allowed my wife to view Netflix using its app.

Anyone in the know have any thoughts about this tech that came out today?
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