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How do riot police handle the odd gunman?

In Ireland during the Troubles, riots were common and would sometimes involve small numbers of rioters or IRA members firing guns at the police. With the protests in Hong Kong, Europe and the US, I'm wondering how police handle pot shots being taken at them during either a riot, otherwise peaceful marches or protests which are halfway between a peaceful march and a riot (like WTO, Antifa and alt-right protests).

For example, let's say someone at something similar to the Unite the Right rally or Gilets Jaunes protest sniped at police, how would police deal with that, especially if the shooter took care to be sneaky and only took single long-range shots from narrow visibility angles in concealed positions? How would police differentiate between real shots that pose deadly danger to them vs faked shots aimed at provoking an overreaction?

Don't need answer quick.