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Originally Posted by Drum God View Post
In fact, during this outage, the DVR continued to allow us to play recorded programs (including on my AppleTV using the DishAnywhere app 500 miles away). The DVR also allowed my wife to view Netflix using its app.

Anyone in the know have any thoughts about this tech that came out today?
Other people have covered electrical current on the coax cable. In my old setup there was a power supply that plugged into the wall that sent power over the coax cable up to the LNB.

The Netflix and DishAnywhere are going to depend on your DVR's internet connection, not on it's satellite connection. If the satellite connection is messed up, for whatever reason, then you should be able to still watch recorded shows. As long as your DVR has internet, then you should also be able to use the streaming services which stream to or from the DVR over the internet. Some streaming and on demand things may come over the satellite, but those are most likely limited to pay-per-view type programming, and would not work if the satellite signal was down.