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Originally Posted by Jim's Son View Post
(Snip)You tell me that this guy Stauffenberg will plant a bomb next to Hitler but it will be moved by an unsuspecting aide who stumbles over it. Placed at the other side of the table, the blast is muted. Force of blast is also reduced because the meeting is not in regular bunker with thick walls to keep blast in. Meanwhile this plot fails because these military people spend time listening to radio for reports on Hitler while philosophy PhD propaganda minister rallies key members to convince them that Hitler is still in charge.
They made Hitler a very unbelievable character IMHO. Really, how many times did he survive an assassination attempt because a bomb just didn't work for some reason, or because he just happened to change his plans? I wouldn't be surprised to find out in some "Making Of" special that he offed himself with a silver bullet or a solution made from unobtainium.