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This was a creative writing assignment? Let's see...

It was a dark and stormy night. Mabel had just gone to bed, and I stayed up in the drawing room to enjoy a brandy and do a little reading. Walter, the butler, asked if I would need anything more that evening. I dismissed him.

I stared into the crackling fire and whistfully recalled the days of my youth. I schooled at Cundall Manor in Yorkshire. The headmaster was a kindly old gentleman, stern but fair. My best mate Colin was an A student and proficient in riding. He was captain of the polo team. He came from a good family, prominent London bankers.

I smiled a little as I sniffed my brandy. Ah, those carefree days of youth. Riding. Rugby. Lessons with Mrs. Pigglesbottom. Mrs. Pigglesbottom was a good teacher, but I believe a bit addled. During the war her house was bombed, and I understand she was never the same since. Shell shock, some called it. She sometimes had rather daft notions of education. There was a creative writing assignment in which we had to answer this question: "If you knocked your brother down, would you urinate in his mouth?" I remember Colin's response as if it were just last week. He said, "What the fuck you on about, biotch?!?"

I grinned a little more, finished off my brandy, and retired for the evening.

The end.