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Originally Posted by lynne-42 View Post
Thank you, septimus. I'd love to hear your reaction to the book....
I've just started Chapter 5 I'm reading the book slowly to savor it but will post my initial reactions now. I am very impressed, both with your new theory and your enjoyable writing style. Anthropology is way outside my scholastic training and my career, but in retirement I've developed a fascination with human prehistory. I don't have useful creative insights myself, but I think I have good intuition, and in your writing I intuit a strong "ring of truth." (I haven't decided whether I'll attempt to create my own "memory space" I'm sure I would, if not already in my late 60's.)

Barry Cunliffe introduced me to the idea that elites valued knowledge as much as or more than material wealth. Your observation that mythologies contain factual knowledge not apparent in the uncommentated versions for children helped connect some missing dots in my other readings.

(Some of your examples remind me of my wife, a country girl! She knows many hundreds of different plants, with medicinal and nutritional information, mostly not learned from books. She can't distinguish variety of trees by the sound wind makes(!) but, listening to our dogs bark, can distinguish a dozen different causes from the sound.)

Well done, Lynne!