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Originally Posted by lynne-42 View Post
Are you happy to say what you are writing - I'd be very interested. I know that when I am writing I have no interest in reading anything that is not directly related to what i am working on.
I'm writing the history of robots in popular culture. Amazingly enough, that's never been done before. Robots have appeared in all genres, books, stories, comic books and strips, movies, radio, television, along with their myriad mentions in popular science, which demonstrably influenced their fictional appearances.

This was literally a chapter from a larger work looking at the ways people created a literal Future out of the rise of technology in the age of electricity. I extracted this piece for a starter book. It will be published by McFarland's. That's the connection with Glut, since information systems, shorthanded as computers, are a core part of that Future in popular culture. I've been posting associated material, mostly lighter stuff, at my website, Flying Cars and Food Pills.

Yes, the amount of reading and viewing for this is overwhelming but I reserve 20-30 minutes each morning and evening for pleasure reading so I can go through a few extra books a month. I'll have to wait until I see your book before I can decide whether it can be broken into small chunks or needs concentrated attention to do justice to your argument.

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