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Originally Posted by melodyharmonius View Post
Sadly, all my best current pics are NSFW . . . lol.

Whenever I post my pic, I always end up getting my hair cut/colored/something so that I never look like what I did . . . will look at posting something soon - got a hair cut scheduled this week.
If there are a lot of posters who want to send in NSFW pictures, I can create a NSFW section at the gallery, but honestly I dont think that many people would participate.
But please send in a photo of yourself that is SFW! Or you can send a NSFW photo and I can crop it to only include the face and neck.

Originally Posted by MeanOldLady View Post
I'm going to have to get a photo of myself frolicking with a baby polar bear, then submit it to the gallery.
I dare you. But send in a photo already!

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