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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
It's completely relevant as the judge and jury had no prior knowledge of this case beyond what was presented in court. Given they think he did it, it strongly suggest the state put forth enough evidence to convict Adnan.
Sigh. Do you understand that one can believe that Adnan committed the murder of Hae, and that he should have been acquitted? Seriously - do you understand that? If so, do you get why saying, "hey, the judge thinks Adnan did it even after listening to the podcast" isn't a meaningful response to, "I think he should have been acquitted"?

Most of the rest of your post is appeal to authority (the judge and jury listened to the whole trial, all you did was listen to a biased podcast? How dare you have an opinion?) and some nonsense sidetrack about SK believing that Adnan murdered Hae (seriously?)

Here's the thing: there's a ton of information out there. There are approximately a billion posts on Reddit about the podcast and the case. There are attorneys who are continually digging into this and offering progressively crazier theories about what happened. And I haven't seen one thing that makes me think SK's representation was devoid of sufficient material data to make a call here. I don't think the jury knew a single thing that isn't in the public record at this point, and we know many things the jury did not. If you have a counter-argument, I'm all ears. But the appeal to authority ain't cutting it.

And come on. I must be misunderstanding. It sounds like you're claiming Sarah Koenig believes Jay's claim that Adnan is guilty (in the factual, not legal, sense.) You must be using 'credible' in some other sense, right?

No, he was not paid. This is a fact. He was entitled to a court appointed attorney, which was partially arranged by the DA. He was not paid, and he did not receive anything more than any other defendant would have. You are 100% wrong on this point.
I get that I've probably listened to this podcast more recently than you, so I don't hold this against you, but, no, not based on the information presented in Serial. SK's story is Jay's attorney was arranged by the DA, this came out during cross-examination of Jay, Christina Gutierrez blew a gasket, the judge agreed that it was improper, but because Jay didn't seem to realize he had received something of value, he wasn't tainted. Agree with the judge's ruling or not as you wish, but you are just factually wrong here.