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My best friend is in town, come down from the Northeast for the annual renewal of his visa and work permit. Last night (Sunday night) we went to the Great American Rib Company, an excellent place, on our favorites list. We'd not been there too long when guess who walked in -- actor Steven Seagal and his entourage! Really. There's lots of outdooor seating, but we were in the small air-conditioned room, and they sat at the table right next to us. A Thai couple with a baby in the back of the room recognized him and asked to have some photos taken including with the kid. Seagal graciously complied. But we always feel funny about that sort of thing, don't like bothering people when they must get that all the time. So my friend made like he was taking our photo, me and Mrs. Siam Sam, when the point was really to get Seagal into the picture.

And here he is, at the table behind us. I have to say he does not look bad for 64 years old. Both farangs (Westerners) and Thais were present, and it seemed to be some sort of business dinner. I have heard he plans to, or maybe already has, set up a film production company in Thailand.
Fun picture! Thanks for sharing!