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Well, that (USA vs the World) was fun. Some thoughts:
-Latin America did about as well as expected. You may be experienced climbers and freerunners and stuntmen, but if you haven't trained on Ninja obstacles you will choke hard on stage 1. The exception does seem to be climbers doing well on stage 2 and stage 3, but even that has been on-and-off. (It does seem unfair, by the way, to not at least let the visiting teams try the course a few times... unclear whether that happens.) On the other hand, one of their competitors is named "Marmalejo", which is an epically awesome name.
-I'm very suspicious that the decision to swap Jessie Graff in for stage 2 was made AFTER the first two competitors had both choked, so it was obviously going to be easy for her. That said, full props to her for doing what no woman, and very few men (and no other Americans tonight) have done before, and beating stage 2. (Although for some reason someone spoiled it on FB a few days ago. Why???? Who would do such a thing?)
-I thought we were dead and buried when Brian Arnold somehow missed the dismount on the cliffhanger (has anyone EVER done that before?). Josh McCall has been unbeatable and Drew Dreschel never seemed like he could quite finish. But then it turns out the body prop is hard for climbers (and how is it not cheating to have his fingers over the top of it like that?), and then, most amazing, Drew was able to beat the hang climb EVEN WITHOUT USING HIS FEET, which has just been death for everyone else who's ever attempted it.
-Props to Josh Levin, who is clearly an elite competitor, although he needs to work on his speed for TNW
-It's clearly insane how hard the double wedge is. Daniel Gill and Brian Arnold are two of the all time greats and neither one seemed even in the neighborhood of beating it. It's not at all clear what the people who are beating it are doing right that those two didn't do (and of course Gill beat it in the regular season).