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Originally Posted by MaxTheVool View Post
It's always odd in the city prelims when they 3WA people like David Campbell and Josh Levin. Glad to see the Godfather barely sneak into the city finals anyhow.

That guy from MIT was on the college TNW, right?

And I have to admit the "hopeful warrior" story, while schmaltzy, kind of got to me. Kind of wrecks the curve for other people working to overcome disease, however.

Also good to see my man Flip mellowed out and concentrating. If I have one wish this season it's for Flip to finally break through and make it to the hallowed land of stage 3.
I don't watch TNW but I think TNW is good for Flip since the premise is different. It is not about being the best you can be but about succeeding for the team. You can't just go fast and if you fail go, oh well, next year. Other people are relying on you.

Did any of you watch the Spartan Challenge after ANW? I really like the Spartan Challenge shows, although I prefer the Ninja Warrior premise more.

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