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Originally Posted by DKW View Post
, Stage 2.

First off, let me remind you...because this really cannot be emphasized too much...that this is a never-married woman who isn't extraordinarily rich, has no known love interests, has no children, has never expressed any desire to have children, has a successful career in a highly physical and largely male-dominated field, doesn't care for a disabled or special-needs person, and has never, ever released a sex video. She should be a goddam pariah. But because she's so dominant and become such an inspiration to girls, she's become impossible to ignore. You can bet that NBC desperately wanted a new alpha female to take the reins after Kacy Catanzaro failed to ever follow up on her One Shining Moment (even more so after she broke up with Brent Steffensen, but that's another story), and for Graff to soar to the top like she did must have been a blessing.

I've waited a day to respond to this, because I'm pretty sure the way I reacted to this is not what you intended and I wanted to cool down.

But I really didn't like the way you analyzed Graf's personal life. It could be read as "Look at this freak: a woman who isn't married/engaged/involved with a man, has no children and hasn't made any remarks about wanting them, does a 'man's job', isn't blatantly using her body for sex appeal, doesn't devote her time to sacrificially nursemaiding others. Poor NBC, they had to settle for promoting such a freakish woman instead of a 'normal' one."

Heck, it could be seen as a coded way to imply she isn't a REAL woman at all. Probably a lesbian or something. Or maybe the only reason she can 'keep up with the boys' is that she really doesn't count as a girl. Maybe she isn't XX at all. Maybe one of those XY people whose Y chromosome doesn't fully work the usual way. Maybe a trans woman.

Anyway, it's clear from the rest of your post that you didn't intend to denigrate Graf -- but I am just SOOO tired of women being judged FIRST by their sexuality. Even when they achieve something noteworthy, the next paragraph is inevitably about how pretty they are or who they're married to or what a great mother they are. Do you know Brent Steffansen's views on fatherhood off the top of your head? Has the Bull starred in any sex videos?

I bet if Marie Curie was being awarded her Nobel prizes today, the magazine articles would include "despite her challenging lab schedule, Marie always has a home-cooked dinner ready for her family."