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StarvingButStrong - Well, I'm glad you took the time to chill out, mainly because we are supposed to be chill on the SDMB, and I'd just like to confirm, that, you did, in fact, completely miss the point. Said point being, how reality TV operates.

Let's use, oh, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge as an example. Have you ever seen a single, childless woman who never had to conquer some massive personal hardship on that one? One of the profiles was a woman who gained a lot of weight after birth and developed a terrible body image. Really? Now, this in itself wouldn't be especially egregious (and in fairness, there's plenty of airtime given to fathers as well), but...well...these are jocks. Maybe not at the level of the NFL, but they engage in intense physical conditioning and spend countless hours training with the other team members to make sure they're ready for whatever the course throws at them. (Look at what everyone has to do to get over the Slip Wall. That's not happening without lots of intense, intimate practice, I assure you.) That kind of lifestyle doesn't allow a whole lot of time or energy for child rearing or romance. I mean, how many of these profiles have you ever seen for WNBA players? Olympic gymnasts? Has Michelle Wie ever had a boyfriend? Danica Patrick? Lindsey Davenport?

Getting back to NW, there is plenty of personal stuff with the men, but see, there's a variety. That's why I always found Cityfinals the most entertaining time, because it only had competitors good enough to get through qualifying, nearly all male, very few of whose personal tales had any level of treacle or mush, and so NBC had no choice but to go well outside the box. "Hey look, this guy is into skateboarding!" "Hey look, this guy is really good at building obstacles because he took wood shop in high school!" "Hey look, this guy eats nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the day of competition!" And often it was as simple as "He wants to do better this time". When it's someone who's been around for a long time, the profiles could actually get quite revealing as they followed the man through the years; we've seen this with David Rodriguez*, Kevin Bull, Brent Steffensen, Joe Moravsky, and Drew Dreschel, among others. In contrast, after three years, have we learned anything about Meagan Martin other than "former gymnast" and "much girlier than she looks"?

And just so we're clear, no, I'm not for it at all. Kind of disgusted by it, really. But that's just the reality of reality TV, and as long as I get to see remarkable athletic feats in an honest, positive environment, I'll take the bad with the good.

everyone - Did watch LA qualifying; didn't say anything because, well, I don't have a whole lot to say about prelims at this point. I do feel compelled to comment on the new rule that the top 5 women get automatic passes to Cityfinals. I...think this could work. Mainly it depends on 1. who gets an automatic pass to Stage 1, if anybody, and 2. how wildcards are handled now. I'm not seeing a sudden influx of Supergirls clearing or almost clearing Stage 1, but it could lead to a more interesting, less sausagefactorious (I know that isn't a real word! I don't care! ) Cityfinals round. We'll see.

* One more time: Did he or did he not legally change his first name to "Flip"? Geez, when Prince changed his name, it was freaking national news. I'd think this would've warranted at least a quick mention.