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Originally Posted by DKW View Post
Dang, how the hell did this sink all the way to the third page? Are the prelims that inane and pointless? Well, okay, they absolutely are, but not even a blurb?
It's partly that you're a victim of your own success... you've become such a verbose and constant poster in these threads, that I often just think "OK, well, I'll wait for DKW to post, and then I'll respond"

- I'm pretty ambivalent about women having a very large presence in this.
I think they're trying to thread a fine line. I really REALLY respect the fact that the actual competition and judging and obstacles are fixed and unwavering. There's no women's course. There's no short person's course. There's no course for amputees. There is just the course, and you succeed and fail.

That said, there's been a policy for several years of increasing the number of women in Vegas via wildcards, and I don't really see the new 5-women-to-the-city-finals thing as being much different than that, except that previously it would go:
-Fair number of women in prelims
-Almost zero women in CFs
-Small number of women in Vegas

Now it will go
-Fair number of women in prelims
-Small number of women in CFs
-Small number of women in Vegas

- We've seen Stage 3-worthy obstacles in Cityfinals before, but I-Beam Gap in quallies? Spider Flip was an easier version of this, and it's a Stage 3 mainstay.
You know, I had precisely the same reaction... but I don't think it turned out to be as much of a ninja-killer as it looked like. Did it stop a higher percentage of athletes than the "average" obstacle #4 or #5?

(I _think_ that in all the time I've been watching ANW, the two most deadly obstacles in either prelims or CFs were cannonball run the year that Kevin Bull famously went inverted, and the wedge last year... in both cases, only two athletes beat that obstacle the entire show. But that's just off the top of my head.)

One trend I've noticed the last couple of years, and certainly this year: Far harder prelim courses, meaning that plenty of athletes make it to CFs who didn't even make it up the wall. Not sure what the overall stats are recently, but I felt like 3 or 4 years ago, the top 30 was almost all finishers. Now there have been maybe 15 finishers on average? Or even fewer? Not sure what I think about that. Certainly, watching 30 competitors in CFs and half of them don't even attempt the salmon ladder would be a bit odd.

I do enjoy it when some of the final CF obstacles are just brutal, both because only having small number of finishers makes each one more exciting, and because it really gives people an incentive to need to go fast in case they can't pass the ninja-killer and it comes down to time.