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Man that handlebar grip. Geez....

Eight finishers, the fewest ever on a qualifier course.

I kinda feel bad for Jake Murray. On the other hand, he really has no one to blame but himself.

In other news, Geoff Britten has, at least for now, retired.

Interesting interview with him. Note that there's something called the "National Ninja League", whose first season he won (with Flex LaBreck being the women's champion), and he's apparently going to defend his title on that. But it sounds like his passion for ANW isn't there anymore, and he just doesn't have time. I watched a few NNL videos. It was vaguely interesting, but the production values were SO cheap compared to ANW, and it was hard to really figure out which videos were which, in which order, yada yada yada. Still, glad to see the sport continuing to spread.