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Whew. I don't know about you guys, but I am flippin' DONE with Qualifying. On top of everything else I've already mentioned, it's wall-to-wall relentless positivity. Everything is inspirational and wonderful and good and sweet and lovely, and that bores the crap out of me. Just once I'd like Eyes (he seems to be the slightly less insane one) to say "Ooh, tough break" and leave it at that.

Anyway, the only real story of note in Denver was Meagan Martin, who, regrettably, had her streak of four straight prelim completions broken because it's gotten too freaking hard. There was an eerie similarity between her exit and Jessie Graff's, an upper-body destroyer that she jeeeeuuuuhhhsttt didn't have enough juice to get through, after which the wall would've been nothing. It's too bad, because between Graff, the Jesse Labreck hype machine, all the noise about the "fantastic four", and the continuing drama of Kacy Catanzaro (and don't kid yourselves, she's not going anywhere), Martin's kinda gotten lost in the shuffle. For reasons completely out of her control, she's never quite gotten her due, and I'm definitely going to be pulling for her the rest of the way. Oh, and good on NBC for showcasing her new modelling job. They've been banging the "surprisingly girly" drum (Translation: "She's not a vicious thug or a nasty queen bee! She's one of the good ones! It's okay to like her! Pleeeeease give her a chance, insecure white guys!") for so long they wore a damn hole in it, and it's gratifying that they're at least treating having an athletic build as a good thing.