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Originally Posted by StarvingButStrong View Post
It really is weird. The show makes all these noises about wanting more elite women, bring on the women, let's have more women in the later stages.... and then they choose obstacles that are nothing but arm/shoulder strength, one after another after another. Really, how many of the obstacles come down to "how long can you hang your body weight by your hands"?

Is it really that hard to come up with a couple more obstacles that prioritize agility or leg strength to interleave in the second half of the course?

How about a stretch that's essentially a series of trampolines you have to jump between, maybe clearing a barrier or getting through a target between each without touching it?

How about an extreme balance test? They have all these finger strength ones, with ledges decreasing in width -- do basically the same thing but with a decreasing width platform, maybe it forms a path that zigzags back and forth, and there are gaps along the way of various widths you have to jump over. Not extreme broad jump type jumps, just 'longer than a normal stride' that demand accuracy and body control. How fast can you go without losing control? The path could be such that, if you dare, you can take a longer leap that cuts off part of the path...but there's no six foot wide safe ending right there, you still have to land under control and cover another section.

Or a pure body control event: Here's a series of obstacles you simply have to get through -- hoops that are variously smaller and larger, raised a bit so you need to jump or high enough you'd need to shinny up a pole and then dive through. The point being, you're out if you touch the hoop with any part of your body.

And, of course, I know why they don't want that type of obstacle. Because they want to show off manly man strength, arms, arms, arms! And jumping and body control, heck, those aren't manly men strength things.
StarvingButStrong, just want to say I agree. The network likes to advertise about how the obstacles get harder each season, but a lot of what makes the obstacles so hard is that you're working the same muscles and doing the same movements over and over again. There's not much variety.