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Technology doesn't work that way - SamuelA's Pit Thread

It has been noted on occasion that SamuelA has something of an obsession with technology, particularly nanotechnology. He has an interest in cryonics. He also gets belligerent if anyone questions him on the validity of any of his optimistic claims. See, things don't always work the way that SamuelA thinks they do.

Here's an example of Sammy-boy wandering into la-la land because he got questioned by another poster:

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Fuck you. You're the crackpot who equates nanotechnology with Faster than Light Travel and fucking antigravity.

I bet you work at Home certainly don't have the education to do anything better. If you have an office job, you're one of those morons who maintains a fucking spreadsheet of contacts and wastes all my god-damn time at stupid meetings.

The difference between nanotechnology and FTL/antigravity is that the first technology is in the godamn hands and eyes you are using to type like a monkey on your god-damn keyboard. What do you think your fucking cells are made of, you imbecile! Individual fucking molecular chains put together one peptide at a godamn time, after being made one fucking molecule at a time in biological synthesis paths. But I bet you didn't fucking know that.

Nobody has ever, in all of humanity, found a way to even reduce gravity's pull that passed peer review. And fucking FTL travel means time travel which means paradoxes which means it is almost certainly fucking impossible. Fuck you, moron.

And as for your suggestion : normally, no. But if you were dying of cancer with a month left to live and it's the wintertime, the only fucking way you're going to even have a chance of seeing anything but nothing at all forever and and ever is if you get your moronic brain frozen and hope the future has enough pity on your to resurrect you. You're goddamn right the odds are slim, but they aren't fucking zero, so yeah, if you wanna see a green lawn again that's the only way it could ever happen, no matter how slim the odds are.
He also can't stop shitting all over another thread. Solution: he gets his very own shiny thread.

Welcome to your Pit thread SamuelA.