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Originally Posted by Deeg View Post
As much as I despise Trump I think HD is correct (for now) that Trump gets a bit of credit for the current movement of NK. Maybe it's a big farce on NK's part (likely) or maybe it'll fall apart (possible) or maybe Trump will tweet something stupid about NK and blow it all up, but right now it looks hopeful. Maybe as hopeful as it's been since the 1950's.

I don't believe it's any great statesmanship by Trump, though. I think it just as likely that Kim realized that one crazy person in the room can get away with shit but two crazy people feed off each other and someone ends up getting hurt. Trump still gets credit for that, I'd say.
Please. Trump isn't a 'great negotiator' with anyone who doesn't want to kiss his ass. Kim saw Putin playing him like a fiddle and he's trying the same.