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Originally Posted by Johnny Ace View Post
Please. Trump isn't a 'great negotiator' with anyone who doesn't want to kiss his ass. Kim saw Putin playing him like a fiddle and he's trying the same.
I'm not sure you read my entire post. On the international stage Trump is generally a disaster. In the business world his posturing may appear to work but--in foreign policy--opposing countries have competing interests which Trump can't fathom. His erratic flip-flopping makes it hard for other nations to have a coherent strategy. He undermines his own negotiators; he could hardly be worse.

However, in the case of NK, his erratic behavior might actually be a positive. In the past NK could probably bank on US presidents not wanting to be responsible for thousands (millions?) of SK deaths. But Trump can't think that far ahead; all he knows is that NK is bad--really bad-- and he has a big hammer; who knows if he might actually use it? Is NK trying to get some support from SK as an attempt to corral Trump?

Maybe NK would be doing the same thing if Clinton (who would have a much better grasp of international politics) were president but it's happening under Trump.

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