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Originally Posted by tim314 View Post
Obama got one for not being George W. Bush. Which, even as a liberal Obama voter, I found absurd.
And I too. I think the Nobel committee were a tad peeved at President Bush about the whole Iraq thing and they weren't allowed to award a Nobel Fuck You Prize to him, so they had to do it indirectly.

Originally Posted by simster View Post
optimistic me : this is great - its time that the Korea war ends officially and maybe Kim means it this time.

realistic me :

1.) end war
2.) re-unify korea - formalize trade, etc
3.) Tell U.S. "Thanks for helping, you're no longer needed here to 'defend' against NK" - our forces must leave
4.) Kim kills Moon and rest of SK reps - declares himself president of Korea (all of it)
5.) Kim still has his nukes, etc from the beginning - but now he ALSO has all of SK and its wealth and people.

Basically - Kim is using this to do a 'bloodless' takeover of SK - he needs it.
What the what now? Even Tom Clancy would balk at writing that last scenario, considering it too implausible. Does this stealth coup rely on whether the flags in the DMZ have gold fringes?
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