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Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
The South Korean president is unlikely to agree to something that the US would be strongly against as they could risk losing some defense support in response. Kim could promise him the moon, but if that's a problem for the US, it's a problem for SK.
This is where Trump's erraticism is either a boon or blessing. How does SK decide what the US (read: Trump) will be strongly against? He called Kim an "honorable" man the other day. Maybe SK goes out on a limb and decides to do what's best for SK.

I saw this on another board I frequent; from The Guardian: Inside North Korea, all they will say about Trump is 'he's crazy'

Officials there [NK] have long calculated that no US president would risk lives in Seoul with an attack on the North. But under Trump that is no longer a safe assumption, says Andrei Lankov, professor of Korean Studies at Kookmin University.