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I was very happy with amazon until approximately this morning. What happened: I ordered an umbrella. It arrived with a broken handle. I immediately went on the site and clicked "return" and was informed that I didn't need to send it back, they would send a replacement. All good.

The "replacement" turned out to be...a book, that I ordered, and had already received. The book was fine. There is the slimmest chance that I tried to send back the book instead of the umbrella but I don't really think so (because, despite amazon thinking they arrived on the same day, I didn't get the book until the next day, and I know this because I read it that night and reviewed it the next day).

So I went back to the amazon "complaint" site. Write a complaint. Did not go through as it was deemed too short. So I copied the comment several times. Now it's too long. So I shortened it, and finally it was accepted.

Then I tried to write a review of the umbrella itself. They did not take it, I think because it was too uncomplimentary. I simplified it to "arrived with broken handle." Too short. Changed it to "Arrived with broken handle, useless. Very unhappy." Finally, it took that review.

Then I tried to get a refund. It turns out I have to ship the broken thing back. Too bad I don't have a shipping department with an umbrella-shaped box in my home office. But! There was an option for "return in original packaging" with the added bonus, as stated right there in plain pixels, "No printer required!" Perfect, now I wouldn't have to go to all that trouble. Just stick it back in the beat-up box and voila. So I picked that option.

Whoops! Further intructions: "Pack securely and print out the label." Wait, I thought there was no printer required? Again, amazon lied to me.

I am now really pissed. It wasn't packed securely in the first place. Although I gather from most of the 10 or so one-star reviews that this might be a common problem, the handle detaching, and the packaging may not have mattered that much.

My memory is that amazon used to be pretty good with customer service, but now they're big enough they no longer give a fuck.