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Originally Posted by magnusblitz View Post
As someone without Prime, I just logged on and looked at what was there.

1) When looking at the item, above the "add to cart" button, there's a checkmark that says " Try Amazon Prime and start saving today with FREE Two-Day Shipping." I leave that unchecked and hit "add to cart."

2) I (sometimes) get a big pop-up that says "do you want to try Amazon Prime and get free two day shipping?"

3) Once in cart, the delivery options are: "FREE two-day shipping with a free trial of Amazon Prime" "4-5 business days $5.99" "2 business days $11.29" etc.

I suppose OP can complain about the whole "free trial that automatically renews at cost" thing that all companies do, but as far as accidentally signing up, I think OP needs to get their vision checked. (At least, this is on desktop - might look different on mobile?)
A couple of additional points:

The "FREE Two-Day Shipping with a trial of Amazon Prime" option is not pre-selected as the default—you actually have to click it. The "Prime" text is in the same font size as the "FREE Two-Day Shipping" part, so it's not as if they're using fine print to fool people.

Also, when you sign up for the Prime free trial, you get an email welcoming you to the awesomeness that is Amazon Prime. The subject line on that message is "[Name], Welcome to Your Amazon Prime Free Trial." When log you into Amazon after that, you see a different home page with verbiage reminding you that YES, you are a Prime member and get all sorts of wonderful benefits.

As Joey P noted, it's still just a free trial. You won't get that $12.99 charge on your credit card bill unless you somehow overlook all of the obvious signs of Prime membership for 30 days. However, you can't get another free Prime trial if you've had one fairly recently. The OP says this has happened "a few times," so I'm guessing he's out of free trials and is getting billed immediately.