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I don't know if this is an issue with Amazon in other countries, but is driving me up a wall with its shipping policies. It will never tell me HOW something is being shipped.
(Note that I work a day job and so am NEVER home to pick up packages.)

If they ship Canada Post, shipping to my home address is ideal. When I'm not there to receive the package, it gets brought to the nearest post office counter, which is open late and on weekends.

If they ship using a courier company, I have to get it sent to my company's shipping office, because otherwise when I don't accept it it'll get redirected to a depot out in the boonies. I don't do this by default because I don't work at that office and can't necessarily get there during office hours.

Occasionally I can use the "ship to a drop-off point" option to skip the home delivery charade and get it sent directly to a post office, but they refuse shipments for capricious and unexplained reasons. (For example, it seems nothing containing batteries is allowed.)

I don't have Prime and never ask for one- or two-day shipping. So why does Amazon "gift" me with unwanted courier service?